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Welcome to Sorted4Life.Clare Fountain This section is for those of you that want to know a bit more about Sorted4Life and Clare Fountain.

Clare Fountain

I am Clare Fountain and I set up my own business in 2000 in response to a gap in the market for practical and do-able support for small business and community groups. The top end of town was covered by large consulting firms, but if you were in business or ran a community organisation, there was very little support available.

My vision:
‘Strong communities supported by successful businesses’.

Because I believe in strong communities, I am also involved with many groups in my own community.

  • President Eaglehawk Secondary College School Council
  • President Synergize Hub
  • Industry Association Mentor, Australian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO)
  • Volunteer with local netball club and community groups
  • HeartKids Bendigo Group Co-coordinator (one of three)
  • Consumer Representation at Medical Indemnity Industry Association of Australia Annual Forum October 2015
  • Consumer Presentation “Key questions to ask to effectively engage consumers in the innovation process” for the Anaesthesia Continuing Education Co-ordinating Committee at a Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting – September 2015
  • Consumer Representative for MDA National “Complexities of Informed Consent Conversations” in Mackay, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne June 2015 (paid position)


Sorted4Life partners with businesses and community groups to support them to be successful. The outcome of this success is employment and engagement across communities. Sorted4Life provides practical and doable solutions that deliver real change and real results.

Since graduating from University, I have worked in small business supporting other business owners in key management roles; which has provided hands on experience of what is required to run a successful business. At the same time I have always been an active volunteer in my community with experience. This experience includes holding state and national chair positions, being a patient advocate at a local, national and international level, representing students and families on school councils and providing hands on support – like baking weekly for my local street soccer team for four years.

Sorted4Life services take the skills required to run a small business and apply the same principles to the not-for-profit sector which, despite its name, also needs to effectively raise and manage money!

What does Sorted4Life Provide?

Sorted4Life offers workshops, webinars, speaking and systems to help individuals, businesses and community groups to operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably. We create practical and pragmatic strategies, solutions, processes and procedures to help businesses and organisations define, refine and get where they want to go – ultimately creating more time, money, headspace and results.

Sorted4Life’s solutions are individually designed to directly meet the specific needs of each circumstance, with a particular focus on:

Time and task management

  • Maximising productivity
  • Optimising existing resources
  • How to run purposeful and productive meetings
  • Delegation

Business performance

  • Business structure
  • Providing strategic insight
  • Refining and defining direction and goals
  • Streamlining processes
  • Couples in business

Who do we work with?

  • Small business owners, with a specific focus on regional small businesses; including social entrepreneurs.
  • Community groups, peak industry bodies for small business, the not-for-profit sector and other change makers, conference organisers and volunteer organisations.
  • Local government organisations and authorities, larger not-for-profit organisations and other values-aligned organisations and businesses

What is our promise?

We are:

  • Authentic, credible and operate with integrity
  • Humble and pragmatic
  • Regionally based and understand the specific needs, challenges and rewards of regional business and community
  • Passionate about healthy, vibrant, strong communities that offer employment, engagement, investment and self-esteem to their members


  • Make things happen
  • Facilitate connectivity
  • Meet clients where they are and walk with them side by side as partners
  • Are jargon free
  • Focus on your vision – it is all about you!

When working with clients we are:

  • Honest
  • Discreet (value confidentiality)
  • Seeking first to understand, then to be understood
  • Experienced and knowledgeable
  • Expert in successful small business
  • An authority in small business processes, systems and peak performance
  • Fun and informal in style
  • Non-threatening

Our products and services:

  • Deliver real change, real results
  • Are practical, pragmatic and do-able
  • Are specific to the individual client and circumstance

Our clients:

  • Know where they want to be, know they are in the right conversations and simply need assistance to work out how to get there
  • Have the capacity and desire for success and simply need some expert assistance to achieve it
  • Value relevant information
  • Benefit from an informal inclusive style of delivery
  • View Sorted4Life and Clare Fountain as a partner in their business/organisation
  • Trust that they will get results

How can we support you?

Sorted4Life provides diagnosis of your current situation and its causes. From there, together we can define your future direction and identify and create systems, process and tools to ensure you reach your desired destination.

Depending on your available time, resources and learning style, Sorted4Life’s Mentoring and Consulting services may be delivered through:

A Wholesome experience that paid off

“A couple of years ago, when Bendigo Wholefoods went through significant growing pains and was becoming increasingly challenging to manage, I started looking for help. Clare was looking at working more closely with a small business and getting amongst it with the team and its inner workings. Over the last two years Clare and I have worked on a range of projects, particularly with the “Wholeteam” on getting clear about what Bendigo Wholefoods’ core values and purposes are as a business.

We workshopped operational procedures; we ran wholesome learning sessions for workplace culture development, leadership coaching and team building; we got clear about recruiting that culture and moving from a traditional retail to a hospitality vibe, with the mantra ‘a quirky community food store with old fashioned customer service’. A brave claim – but then wammo! Unexpectedly we were a finalist for retailer of the year, and were acknowledged by winning the Melbourne Markets new customer service award, with a perfect mystery shopper score of 100% – 3 times in a row – out of 550 stores. How cool is that!

Thanks heaps Clare, for coming on the journey!

Daz – Owner of Bendigo Wholefoods

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