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“Clare proved a real asset in a recent nationwide series of workshops for doctors that we co-facilitated. Her coaching skills allowed her to challenge deeply ingrained attitudes in a thoughtful, respectful manner that proved very effective in giving these doctors insight to patients’ experience of medical treatment. Clare was able to provide an authentic patient voice that was simultaneously well-informed and sincere.

Despite the often highly charged emotional content of the workshops, Clare remained professional and outcomes-focused throughout. I would highly recommend her.”

Prof Steve Trumble, Department Head of Medical Education Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne

Need some help?

Founder of Sorted4Life Clare Fountain is an experienced community volunteer both on the ground and at a governance level. She has:

  • Baked cakes for her local street soccer team (every Monday for 4 years!)
  • Fundraised for people living with HIV and AIDS in Hong Kong and Victoria
  • Chaired a NFP at a regional, state and national level
  • Represented parents on primary and secondary school councils
  • Represented users in Australia-wide medical training
  • Authored a paper in an international medical journal on consumer engagement in health-care-system design and reform.

Sorted4Life takes this hands-on experience and provides the community sector with access to effective training, consulting and mentoring that delivers results.

How do I know Sorted4Life will work?

Sorted4Life facilitates conversations, diagnoses problems, designs solutions and implements them through systems, process development and training. The result is volunteers and organisations that are focused, strategic and much more effective in their community (and at home!).

Are you ready?

Sorted4Life Community Sector Training

At Sorted4Life, we know that community groups and organisations form the backbone of many regional and rural communities. What we also know is that the members of the community who often put their hands up get tired. There is always “more to be done!” and “not enough time.”

Our community sector topics provide simple but effective solutions that create results. This training is perfect for executive team members, general team members and volunteers. The following topics address how to make the most of limited resources, develop strong governance skills and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Roles and Goals

  • Goal setting 101 for busy volunteers that wear many hats and want to feel focused.
  • Practical, immediately applicable tools to define multiple professional and personal roles and responsibilities, set goals, balance time

Finding Balance

  • Simple but effective tools that support you to juggle your personal and community roles and still have time for yourself and avoid burn out.


  • Learn how to effectively share the workload and get the jobs done

Making Meetings Magnificent

  • How to run purposeful and productive meetings

Project Management

  • How to take a big idea and make it happen

Contact Clare about community sector training

Sorted4Life Community Group Facilitation


  • Sorted4Life provides discreet, practical and outcomes-orientated facilitation – we make it easy.


  • Not planning is planning to fail. From strategic planning to day-to-day operational and project planning, teams achieve more when they are all on the same page, focused, and building on what is in place
  • Sorted4Life facilitates groups to create a plan that supports them to achieve their target outcomes

Project Management & Consulting

  • Independent systems review for efficiencies and effectiveness across all modalities of service delivery. We understand and diagnose issues, develop proposed solutions, solicit feedback on solutions and support solution implementation

Clare Fountain is an effective communicator, a skilled facilitator and an experienced trainer delivering proven results.

Contact Clare about Facilitation
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