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Clare is an engaging speaker with practical, easy to implement take-away solutions and content that will deliver your desired outcomes and create a buzz. Book workshops or masterclasses and have Clare Fountain in the room with you, delivering tailored content! Be inspired and energised by face-to-face interaction with Clare and other participants.

Keys to Small Business Control

In this Sorted4Life ‘Keys to Small Business Control’ workshop learn how to unlock being in control of getting the results you want.  Simple, effective and proven tools to make a small business make a decent profit, run without you and be ready to expand or sell. Relevant for both start-ups and established business owners. This workshop walks you through how to unlock each key in your business.

Productivity Bites

Productivity workshops can cover:

  • Delegation – How to share the workload and still get results
  • Making Meetings Magnificent – How to run purposeful and productive meetings
  • Small Business Time Management – Stay on track, meet your goals and keep the big picture in sight
  • Find Your Desk Under the Mess– Simple sales, marketing and financial systems and how to organise your physical space for efficient task management
  • Roles & Goals – practical, immediately applicable tools to define multiple professional and personal roles and responsibilities, set goals, balance time

Finding Balance

Finding Balance workshops can cover:

  • First things first – what is important in life
  • Inspiration – consider what inspires us and puts a ‘spring in our step’
  • What is being juggled – the different ‘hats’ being worn
  • Time Management 101 – the basic principles
  • Diary management – creating a routine for success
  • The headspace zone – how your attitude can support you having more
    • Includes stress management/responding to events/crisis
    • Stress Management – concern vs influence
  • Multitasking and distractions – what the experts say
  • Productivity systems – simple systems to put in place
    • Includes ‘to do’ lists
  • Email Management – how to manage email so it doesn’t manage you
  • Choices – review choices being made, what is working, what can be changed
  • Accountability and next steps – what will you do now?

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Some feedback comments from a Finding Balance Workshop run for a leadership program:

“This was probably the most useful single workshop in the trip.”

“Very good well developed presentation, good advice and very helpful. The challenge will be putting the theory into practice.”

“Clare Fountain is a dynamic and creative woman who has designed a great program organizer. She has a wonderful personality and endeared us as a group to her.”

“Clare provided a great session, which included decision making tools (yes=no for traditional SMART goals).”

“Great refresher on time management with some excellent tips on headspace – very worthwhile workshop.”

“Very good to self-reflect on activities l do and reinforced a few things l knew and l will now attempt to address. Engaging manner in presentation.”

Testimonial from a conference organiser:

“Thank you so much for generously sharing your expertise at the AAPO conference. Your presentation was helpful, practical and informative. One delegate wrote, ‘Clare’s presentation opened up so many possibilities for me to go forward with my business.’ ”


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