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“We wanted to let you know how valuable we found working with Clare Fountain under the SBAS Flood Recovery assistance funding.

At the beginning, Clare coached us through making the decision about whether or not we’d stay in farming, after assessing the impact of the flood on our business. Having decided to keep farming, we then worked on a risk management and wealth creation strategy to help protect our farming business against future environmental disasters.

Clare’s clear insight, organisational skills and ability to think laterally and creatively have led to an extremely productive working relationship. As well as that, her lovely, friendly manner has made working with her enjoyable. She has asked all the right questions, kept us on track, and required us to be accountable to our stated goals and objectives.”

Sorted4Life consulting client 

Need some help?

Sorted4Life experience shows us that most small business owners have a technical skill (plumber, builder, consultant etc.) and love the idea of being their own boss and making more than a wage. Reality (and the stats) show us that the reason for most businesses failing is due to poor strategic management. People with a technical skill don’t always know how to manage a successful business. That is where Sorted4Life gets results for small businesses.

How do I know Sorted4Life’s solutions will work?

Sorted4life provides access to straightforward credible advice, answers and solutions to make your business profitable, sustainable and able to operate without you, giving you freedom of choice.

At Sorted4Life we also know that many small business owners have no time, limited budget and don’t like jargon! If this is you then the Sorted4Life Business Essentials webinar series is what we recommend.

We start at the top and work through the Essential Six areas of business so you can tick off what you already have in place and set up what you need. We meet you where you are at and help you build. If you are new to business, this provides you with what you need to create a successful operation.

Are You Ready?

Sorted4Life Small Business Essentials Webinar Series

This series of online webinars will provide you with the tools you need to run your business efficiently and profitably.

  • Understand and harness the key systems required for success
  • Clarify the information required to make strategic business decisions (and beat the failure stats!)
  • Learn how to monitor performance to better manage change

If you are ready to make money, get more time off and reduce your stress then the Sorted4Life Business Essentials Series is what you need.

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