Community Orgs: will it work?

“Thank YOU Clare for providing us with two very thorough, insightful and beneficial reviews. We have all really appreciated your approach to our reviews; being extremely flexible, consultative, always sticking to your deadlines, and always checking you’re on the right track. We are really pleased with the findings and recommendations in your reviews, and we have all really enjoyed working with you Clare!”

Sorted4Life consulting client


Is this you?

Community groups and organisations come to us with these kinds of issues:

  • We are just so busy
  • We don’t have time to plan
  • We need more volunteers
  • Our board is not strategic
  • There is just so much to do
  • We don’t have enough money
  • We always seem to end up doing more than we planned to
  • We never reach our goals
  • Our systems are outdated

So will it work? How do you know Sorted4Life can deliver? Here’s the proof.


Here are just a few of the things Clare Fountain and Sorted4Life have done for groups and organisations in a wide range of not for profit (NFP) areas:

International aid organisation – Australian head office

  • Facilitated development of a document management system that supports both state and national teams
    • OUTCOME = Organisations gained a clear understanding of what was required across relevant teams before developing a solution that met these requirements
  • Delivered national NFP Productivity training for their national team
    • OUTCOME = Based on the newly gained understanding of the internal challenges faced by the team, developed an approach that supported them to be more productive in their workplaces (both on site and remotely)

National organisation

  • Facilitated an Operational review
    • OUTCOME = Gained a clear understanding of what worked and how it worked; and identified key areas for improvement
  • Facilitated operational planning that built on existing resources and infrastructure and left the team with a clear, short term focus that fits in with the national strategies
    • OUTCOME = An engaged team with a clear and agreed plan/focus

State reference group representing farmers

  • Facilitated strategic planning for a state based organisation that supported team wide input and long term focus
    • OUTCOME = A shared vision and focus within the team with SMART outcomes that linked into their national agenda

Neighbourhood House sector / Kinder / Food producers

  • Facilitated strategic planning that brought together the group so they were all on the same page, excited about creating a clear long term view and putting key steps in place required to take them from their current scenario
    • OUTCOME = A team with a clear understanding of strategic planning, that was applied to creating their own Strategic Plan

International women’s organisation – Australian and state teams

  • Project management training for a national organisation with team members working in isolation all around the country so they are all on the same page and using a shared project management language and approach
    • OUTCOME = a focused and productive team

Food security organisation

  • Facilitated a review of outcomes in previous twelve months and creation of focus for coming twelve months
    • OUTCOME = A motivated and engaged team with a clear focus

Human services

  • Supported organisation with project management, planning and personal productivity training
    • OUTCOME = A team with a shared language and an understanding of how to increase their productivity

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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