Small Biz: will it work?

“John and I enjoy your company and the work you do for us. I don’t know if I’ve told you before that John was looking into a business coach last year and I was dreading sitting in front of a middle aged, smarmy man in a suit – who I thought would be lecturing us on what to do, and sending us extortionate bills. I think for us to have a business consultant/coach, it really had to be someone that we liked and could really relate to. Each time you’d mention that you feel you have to add value I kept thinking, “Oh God, she’s leaving us!” Please don’t.

Even when we’ve achieved our initial objectives and we’re just maintenance clients, having a regular session will be enormously beneficial to me, particularly if John ends up getting a job. You seem to ask all the right questions. Your workshop that we attended last year was a life changer for us. It’s just really nice to have someone lead you through the forest when all you do is gaze at the trees.”

Husband and wife team: small business clients where the wife’s role was primarily in the business


Is this you?

Business owners come to us with these kinds of issues:

  • I nearly lost my family due to my business
  • I haven’t had a holiday in years
  • When I do get away I still have to check in
  • I don’t seem to ever have enough time
  • How can we do things smarter?
  • No one works as hard as me
  • My staff don’t reach the same level of quality as I do
  • The admin takes ages
  • I work really hard but am not making any money
  • I worked out my hourly rate – it was not good
  • I’d love to sell my biz one day

So will it work? How do you know Sorted4Life can deliver? Here’s the proof.


A snapshot

Here are just a few of the things Clare Fountain and Sorted4Life have done for businesses across all industries:

    • Agribusiness and food
      • Worked on systems development, planning, training
      • Supported farmers to diversify into passive income streams
        • OUTCOME = diversified income is now providing financial security and supporting viability of the farming enterprise
    • Manufacturing
      • Organised a factory to make the most out of space available and increase productivity
        • OUTCOME = Increase in productivity; reduction in lost time due to systems supporting faster induction of new team members, and increased profitability due to reduction in mistakes
    • Building and construction
      • Supported tradies to create systems that support growth and profitability of their teams and allow them to get ‘off the tools’
        • OUTCOME = Teams are now structured to produce a profit and a reduction in biz owner’s hours ‘on the tools’
      • Compliance systems and documentation to support gaining and retaining accreditation
        • OUTCOME = Team members are able to focus on ensuring compliance – achieved without the headache of managing the detail of systems documentation
      • Set up systems to support an effective and efficient back end of a trades business that was to be operated by their admin assistant (& life partner!)
        • OUTCOME = Successful (i.e. profitable, quality service and effective systems) family business and family!
    • Retail
      • Showed how to run a retail business that makes money, and has a team that does things as well as (or better than!) the owner
        • OUTCOME = A business that can operate without the business owner and still make money
    • Arts
      • Supported artists to create a business that generates a living from their creative talent
        • OUTCOME = A profitable business model
    • Education
      • Conducted a school systems review to enhance the school’s effectiveness
        • OUTCOME = Simple changes that increased the effectiveness of what was already in place along with some new ideas
    • Financial and professional services
      • Supported sole practitioners to run a profitable business
        • OUTCOME = A financially viable business model
      • Set up systems that supported smooth transition into growth and ultimately sale of business
        • OUTCOME = A profitable and documented business model that provided a return attractive to a buyer
      • Created focus for business partners to manage growth that was getting out of control
        • OUTCOME = Systems that support smooth, profitable and sustainable growth
    • Information and communication technology
      • Systemised an IT business to ensure smooth transition to growth and effective business planning
        • OUTCOME = A financially sustainable business model, supporting national growth
    • Tourism
      • Worked on business planning for tourism related businesses
        • OUTCOME = Financially sustainable businesses
      • Developed key performance indicators to gain an understanding of the business hotspots that needed to be managed
      • OUTCOME = Business owners with clear data on what is required to sustain growth
    • Healthcare and social assistance
      • Worked on project management and planning support
        • OUTCOME = Team all on the same page and supported to deliver their project outcomes
      • Reviewed national parent organisation
        • OUTCOME = Clear understanding of what works and what are the areas for improvement
      • Developed position descriptions within an organisation
        • OUTCOME = Clear roles and responsibilities that work to support each other in achieving organisation’s desired outcomes
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