Keys to Small Business Control Webinar Series

Clare Fountain, Sorted4Life
Photo credit: Sorted4Life


In this Sorted4Life ‘Keys to Small Business Control’ webinar series learn how to unlock being in control of getting the results you want.  Simple, effective and proven tools to make a small business make a decent profit, run without you and be ready to expand or sell. Relevant for both start-ups and established business owners. This webinar walks you through how to unlock each key in your business.

Key 1.  Get organised

Key 2.  Control the money

Key 3.  Spread the word

Key 4.  Seal the deal

Key 5.  Make it happen

Key 6.  Grow your people

These tools work! It is easy, gives you control and you can do it!

The webinars are run over 6 sessions and held on the second Tuesday of the month, commencing Tuesday 12 September with the following sessions being held on;

Tuesday 10 October,

Tuesday 14 November,

Tuesday 12 December 2017,

Tuesday 13 February and

Tuesday 13 March 2018.

Sorted4Life workshops are engaging, informative, practical and effective.  We put attendees in control and equip them with the tools to effectively implement – immediately.

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